At fifteen you had the radiance of early morning, at twenty you will begin to have the melancholy brilliance of the moon.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

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But you see, there is
a graveyard in my mouth
filled with words that
have died on my lips.

Emily Palermo, from Untitled

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Backstage at Louis Vuitton RTW Fall 2013


seriously the coolest girl.

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Homens que querem ser feministas não precisam receber um espaço no feminismo. Eles precisam pegar o espaço que eles tem na sociedade e torná-lo feminista.

Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer  (via feministkitsch)

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SISSYDUDE LOVES: the first 6 models/looks from Agnès B. Mens F/W 14.15 Paris)

boyfriend material

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